We build dynamic Document and Digital Asset Solutions

We start with proven Document Management Systems and we create highly focused, user-friendly applications for construction, marketing, financial services, and many more.

We can embed document management into existing applications using a rest or web services API approach.

Nuxeo DAM Performance Tuning

Nuxeo DAM is a viable option for digital asset management, but you need to pay special attention to performance - especially if you're working with big images and video objects. In my experience, performance tuning is imperative in order to provide a viable solution. This means undertaking a structured approach to tune Nuxeo DAM for your specific environment.An approach that reflects your business requirements, hardware constraints, operating system, and the version of Nuxeo you're running.

If you are looking to get the most out of Nuxeo DAM then send us an email or contact us. We can help you investigate performance issues, tune an existing environment, or help you plan and design your deployment infrastructure.

Looking to Migrate your Lotus Notes Document Management Applications?

If you're currently using Lotus Notes, Domino Document Manager, Docova, or a host of other Lotus Notes-based document management solutions and you are in search of a replacement, then take some time to look at Nuxeo.

Nuxeo delivers a core document management platform that is extensible and customizable so it's well suited for migration of Lotus Notes content and functionality. Moving to an open, extensible platform like Nuxeo also removes all of the traditional limitations of the Notes/Domino platform (e.g., database size limitations and a tightly bound http stack).

We have created a set of tools to help you move content out of NSF files and into Nuxeo. Alternatively, we also have tools to support co-existence between the two systems (during migration and longer term).

Call or email us for more information!

Document Control Solutions for Construction and Engineering

Over the last few years we have worked with a number of prominent Construction and Engineering firms to develop specialized Document Management solutions that address real-world challenges. The challenges faced in executing large-investment capital project are numerous, but managing the documents that support the process can be tamed.

Rather than use a one-size fits all approach, we look to your specific role or task requirements and create targeted solutions that make it easy to view and submit enterprise content. This approach eliminates the learning curve, thereby removing a barrier to effective use of any software, and aligns content with the applicable process.

Some examples...

  • Job site safety reports - capture on a simple form and submitted when connected, captured and stored in the backend document management system
  • On-site inspection - take pictures of deficiencies, create an issue ticket and initiate workflow by notifying parties of interest
  • Site-relavant information - support resource visiting a specific site wants access to technical documentation (PDFs, images, videos, etc.) for all automation equipment at the site, including the full service record

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Maximize the Value of Nuxeo in your Environment!

At Concena, we offer a full range of Nuxeo consulting services. We can run your entire content management project, or provide services a-la-carte. Either way, our team will be fully committed to making your project a success.

Services we provide include: requirements definition, solution architecture, information architecture, solution design, prototyping, development, testing, deployment, data migration, and ongoing support.

Contact us for more information about our professional services offerings 

NX-Secure to Help Manage Access Control Entries on Nuxeo Documents

There are numerous options when it comes to managing security on Nuxeo documents. However, if you're looking for a tool that can perform mass changes to Access Controls and create an audit log of those changes, then Concena has the solution. This functionality becomes increasingly important as your repository grows, if you enable document-level access rights, if you need to reset access rights, or you want to make changes to your security scheme.

For more information and pricing visit the NX-Secure product page.