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Happily Disconnected (Diving into the Nuxeo Android Stack)

I wish that my schedule would have afforded me the time to attend Nuxeo World. But these things don't always work out. Luckily, however, I have made the time to start working through the Nuxeoworld presentations. I might have not even noticed the mobile session had it not been for a meeting I had last week (thanks Christine). Building a Nuxeo stack for Android, iOS (and maybe some day Blackberry :-) is a big step foward.

Taking the power of Nuxeo and extending it to the mobile workforce, creating simplified, process-oriented front-ends, and providing support for online/offline plays to the strength of the platform. I would like to see Nuxeo provide more of these 'seamless enterprise' capabilities to enable building simple, but powerful applications that deliver process-focused functionality when and where required, that are tied to a highly scalable document management system behind the covers.

The most promising piece of the puzzle for me is the caching and disconnected operations. Having worked with Lotus Notes for many years these are truly powerful  capabilities.

There is work to be done to round out the stack, document the configuration and build processes, and make it easier for developers to leverage the stack, but I like the trajectory! 

Over the weekend I stumbled through setting up an Android simulation environment (managed to get this working with latest envrionment, although still need version 8 api - the default for the demo applications). I downloaded the Nuxeo samples, asked a few questions, and I got the base environment working. Then I realized the Nuxeo plugin for the Insurance Demo application was missing from the downloads and requested that (which Thierry thankfully provided). Took me about 12 hours in total from never having done anything with Android to building and deploying working applications. One or two fewer Cognacs and it might have taken less time.

I'm hoping that Nuxeo puts a great deal of effort into productionizing the Android platform and then goes full tilt on the iOS version.

Here's a link to the Nuxeo presentation.

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