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Subtitle: Nuxeo - Room for Improvement - Part 3

The DAM UI is built for the consumer of Digital Assets. As a search-centric UI, I think Nuxeo has done a great job making the interface usable and practical. If you need to find an asset then you have great tools at hand.

If you are a digital asset contributor then you will more than likely work in both the DM and DAM interfaces. Because the DAM UI is search-centric the flexibiliy and power of the DM interface is almost completely hidden.

There is another group of users that sit between consumers and contributors. I call them reviewers and approvers - often not the originators of content or necessarily the end consumer. They have special needs that demand additional rights. It would be nice if this group could live in the DAM UI and complete there tasks.

Some of the DM functionality that is important for the DAM interface:

1. Workflow - probably a topic worthy of discussion on it's own, however, the focus for now would be BATCH workflow and BATCH approval - simliar to Batch Edit! When a new project has 400 assets imported they could be reviewed and approved in BATCH mode from within the DAM UI.

2. Publishing - a natural extension of the DM interface, but the ability for DAM users to initate publishing (in BATCH) of selected assets

3. Setting Alerts - if you work with assets on a campaign and somebody updates 30 key renderings then you would like to know. Again, for the DAM-only consumer it would be great to have this ability in the DAM UI.

Of course there are more but that's all i have time for at the moment.

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