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Nuxeo - Room for Improvement - Part 4

Has the following happened to you...

Just finished editing a Nuxeo document with about 15 pieces of metadata. Forgot to hit Save and navigated away from the page. Wondered why your changes didn't show up. And then the 'doh' moment - damn, forgot to hit Save. Annoyed I re-type the changes and save the document.

I've had the exact same thing happen when saving local security rights - add the right but forget to hit the Save button just below the newly added rights!

If only there were a way to automatically warn users leaving an edited, but unsaved, page. This time and frustration saving functionality would be a welcome addition to Nuxeo.

For a simple HTML page this is trivial, for an aggregated Nuxeo page it is a little more challenging. I have had this happen to me and several clients have also asked about this functionality so I thought it worthwhile adding to my RFI wish list!

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