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Nuxeo - Room for Improvement - Part 2

Given that I'm working with DAM at the moment thought I would critique the current (5.5) version and suggest a couple of areas where there is room for improvement!

When 5.5 was released the alignment and integration of DAM/DM was a notable achievement. There are as I found still differences under the cover. A simple, but surprising difference - when I added in a new icon to replace the standard nuxeo logo I used the new 5.5 styling service. This worked for everything but DAM which still uses pre-5.5 styling (at least as far as I can see). From an ease of branding perspective it would be great if these were aligned across all 5.5 products and not just DM.

More importantly, in investigating custom filtering widgets I noticed that the class has hard-coded Asset document definitions. I found this because I wanted to split out office documents into true office documents and PDF files. Adding a file type PDF and making it show up in the filter requires some work (beyond the scope of this blog entry) but it will only work by customizing and overriding the FilterActions class. The current class has a static arraylist that limits DAM asset types to File, Picture, Video and Audio. It would be much more flexible if this list were dynamic; based either on contribution or (even better) by any type contribution that has the facet Asset!

[Added 2012.02.08] And a recent post to Nuxeo Answers makes me pine for already-integrated Adobe XMP support!

Anyways, some DAM food for thought.

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Would also like to see more picture file formats supported OOTB!

Posted on 1/27/12 4:13 PM.

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Hi Bruce,

Good feedback on that one.
To be honest it is clearly in the backlog of the roadmap to improve DAM that way (especially thinking about a dynamic interface when it comes to document types), was a very good candidate for 5.5 but we couldn't make it.
There are a couple of other things we would like to bring to it as well.

Please keep bringing feedback ;-)

Posted on 2/8/12 7:33 PM.

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