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Nuxeo Community Survey - Any Interest?

I have been kicking about the idea of running a community driven survey on Nuxeo (the product suite and the company). Is anyone else interested in understanding how Nuxeo is being used, which versions are being used, what software has been integrated with/to Nuxeo, what people like/don't like about Nuxeo, suggestions to improve, etc.

My thinking is as follows:

1. Gather some basic demographics (products, versions, number of users, geography, etc.)

2. Gather feedback on how Nuxeo is going as a company (quality, responsiveness, etc.).

3. Gather feedback on individual products (likes, dislikes, ideas to improve, etc.)

4. Gather information on how products are being used (purpose, integrations, etc.)

5. And free format feedback.

Once collected I will generate summary report. The report will be shared with Nuxeo as formal community feedback, and a copy of the report will be emailed to all who participated in the survey. I will also post the survey on my site for those who don't provide contact information. Published results will be completely anonymous.

This will take some effort on my part but I think it will help the community, those considering Nuxeo, and it can help guide the future of the product?

Am I crazy (I probably am) or would this have some value? Also, let me know if you have suggestions for specific questions or areas of interest to include in the survey.


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Excellent idea, please proceed !

Posted on 3/30/12 11:47 AM.

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