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Creating Office Documents in Nuxeo - Template Add-on

More than a year ago I created a templating system for Nuxeo (originally written for 5.3.2) to make it easier to (a) create Office documents in the current navigation context, and (b) create those documents from a user selected template. Each office template is added to the system by creating a template document (not to be confused with the template workspace).

Template documents can be created anywhere in the repository but it's generally easiest to create them in a centralized place. Templates can be grouped into categories - this is especially helpful when Word, Excel, and other templates number in the dozens or hundreds.

The templates are made available to the user through a set of two dropdowns and an Add Document link. This design widget replaces the default liveedit buttons. The sample below shows two categories.

When the Nuxeo server starts all of the available templates are loaded and made available to users. A user can navigate to a specific folder, select a template category, select a template, and then click on the New Document link. The user is prompted to name the new file, click on ok, and then the appropriate application spins up and the selected document template is loaded. The dialog title and subtitle can be set in a parameters file.

New documents can also be created from 'quicklaunch' templates. A quicklaunch bard can be added, as a generic fragment, using the theme editor (see below).

Once quicklaunch is enabled, then templates created and flagged as quicklaunch will appear in this fragment, just like the example below. The two templates available for quicklaunch are ATemplate and Recipe. The quicklaunch works well for the most commonly used templates.

It's a great system for centrally managing document templates and for facilitating the creation and storage of documents directly into Nuxeo.

In a future post I will share more of the technical details as dealing with liveedit interactions between browser and Nuxeo is a little tricky.

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